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‘Shakti’ means strength, power, energy.

‘Shakti’ is the womb of all creation and is expressed as the material aspect of divine.

‘Shakti’ is the seed of all dynamism, radiance, beauty, peace and nourishment.

‘Shakti’ is the life-force.

‘Para’ is that which is beyond.

‘Parashakti’ is the energy that is basis of creation, sustenance.

This place in an effort to take all the seekers on a beautiful adventure of consciousness to one-self, to reawaken the energy inside, to uplift the patience, courage and compassion. Fly freely by spreading love, happiness, peace wherever you are and learn the art living your life to the fullest.


Dr Anusha R


Yoga has been a well-rounded practice for my physical, mental & emotional well-being. It has improved my physical health and mental health; it has helped me focus better & given me clarity in my thoughts. It has increased my patience level.

Being professionally a doctor, I have realised the importance of health. Spending several years as a medico, I found that Yoga helped me deal with the chaos of work & life that had begun to stress me.