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As a child I always enjoyed playing with paints. When other kids preferred buying toys, I always expected art materials. Even today I spend hours shopping at art stores. I have realised one thing in my life; art has just not made me happy but it has made my life better. I have learnt so many lessons through art in life.I have a passion of leaning and exploring different forms of art. Every art piece I make is very special and close to my heart. Every piece is filled with love and lots of struggle behind it. A decade back, when I was struggling as a student, stressed in life, painting was the only relaxation then. Since then I relieve my stress every time by just painting.

Even today I prefer to stay back at home and paint rather than going out for a shopping or a movie. I enjoy the happy hormones released during painting. I have had couple of exhibitions in the past too. Meeting different artists, like-minded people has become my new passion. I have had beautiful experience when it comes to my art.
After all these experiences I decided to take one step forward by exploring more art forms, expanding my experience by making more paintings, conducting workshops, connecting art in every stage of our life, spreading my happiness to all through this learning, retailing these beautiful pieces.

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