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Being thankful directly or indirectly either to self or to all lives around you, that is being gratitude.

There are two questions which arises. One how do you cultivate gratitude towards self?

It’s very simple. Start from small things like, first be grateful for being alive today. So many out there don’t have a house, shoe and sometimes food thrice or even once, you staying under a roof, covering your feet before stepping out, eating good nutritious food should start being grateful for these.

Next start respecting your selves and your own body, this is another way of showing gratitude. Don’t do harsh things to your body which includes unhealthy eating habits, trying harmful chemicals on your skin, not maintaining hygiene, not including activities like exercise, not to take unnecessary stress. Instead start your day with affirmations, good hygienic practices and exercise, eat healthy food go out and finish all your work, and end your evening with a small meditation.

Second question which arise is how do you cultivate gratitude towards others?

Does others meaning only humans? No it means all the living creatures around you. Be grateful to people around you starting from your family, neighbours, may be the person who gets milk to your door, or your helper or security at the gate, a small thank you will make them smile and happy. Next be grateful to the plants for giving such beautiful flowers and to the trees for providing shade by watering them, and the animals by giving them food and water. You need not go finding them, but never shoo away a hungry animal. You can just keep a vessel of water outside for animals to quench their thirst.

Gratitude does not always means saying thank you. It is the beauty of expressing love towards one. Do you always say thank you to yourself? No right, express your gratitude in the same way you do it to yourself. Always see YOU in the other person. Question yourself would I do the same thing if it was ME! Beauty has many aspects and gratitude is one among them. That is when you are called beautiful

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