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Nipun Bhel

Anusha is one of the best yoga teachers I have had. She is best when it comes to prenatal yoga. She always makes all of us very comfortable during the sessions and ensures equal attention on all. She not only tells us about the yoga position but also how they are beneficial for the mother and the child. Different activities and variety in schedule keeps us all excited for all the new sessions. After the session one feels better both physically and mentally. Her yoga class is something that we all look forward to. Her yoga classes have been such a bliss. especially during these difficult times. I wish her all the best for all her future endeavors.

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This is how I feel after practicing prenatal yoga with Anusha from last 2 months. I really appreciate the fact that she went out of her way to accommodate my hectic work schedule by sending practice videos for classes i am unable to attend. I look forward to her small activity workshops. I like her holistic way of approach towards pregnancy rather than just sticking to prenatal yoga. I look forward to our sessions and hearing her calming voice. Keep up the great work you are doing.

Sushmitha Thadiboyina

I have been practicing prenatal yoga with Dr.Anusha for about a month and truly enjoy the sessions. Though my sessions are virtual, she communicates SO well and makes me feel comfortable. It is definitely helping to keep my body, soul and mind relaxed. Thank you usha !! Would love to continue my yoga journey with you.

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Rangarajan T

A feedback about my yoga guru Dr Anusha. With age there are few niggles that one has in his/her body owing to how one treats or maintains his/her body. Well I'm being no perfect in that aspect hence have been facing lot of pains in shoulder ,lower back and other parts. Have always been walking and jogging but these issues stays as they need different treatment and that's when I decided to go ahead with yoga. After Lot of online gyans on yoga I concluded that yoga is something to be learnt properly and performed under an experienced certified yoga guru that's where my guru Dr Anusha comes in. I am lucky to get a yoga guru like her as she makes one not only perform the asanas in the perfect right way but also ensures that you reap the benefit of each these asanas to various parts of your body. Prior to starting the classes she clearly understood my various issues so that she can make me perform asanas that are beneficial to my body, this I experienced in her class it's not just the sake of asking but it really works wonders. I had jaundice couple of years back which made my body muscles very weak and my digestion had gone for toss but for the past 1.5 months of my classes with Dr Anusha I'm slowly seeing the change in my body I no more have those chronic pains and my muscles are more active and responding n this is making me feel very satisfied energetic and I'm thankful to Dr Anusha for this. Best part it's all natural and it's a exercise to your body and mind and all credit to Dr Anusha for her experience and the way she teaches and makes you perform the yoga asanas the right way. Her classes are something which I wait for and ensure I do not miss them
at any cost. Online classes I have come across many but even in a group class she makes sure that each one of her students are doing the asanas properly. This is a big plus point for having Dr Anusha as my yoga guru.

Megha bajaj

Anusha is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor and really good to chat with. She encourages me to try new poses and explains the benefits associated with them. She is
patient and answers all my questions and takes the time to just listen. I feel truly relaxed, refreshed, and positive after each class. My mind, body, and spirit feel connected and I'm really grateful to have found her during my prenatal journey Thank you for the good vibes and the extra workshops that you organize! highly recommend Anusha


Shikha Sinha Bhatnagar

I got to know about Anusha ma'am through a senior from college. I was looking for a one-on-one prenatal yoga experience, Anusha ma'am has fulfilled that and beyond. I look forward to that one hour, 3 days a week. Every class is so distinct and rejuvenating helps me get through the tough parts of being pregnant. I wish I had found her much earlier, when I was generally into yoga. She's so hands on and full of live. I love how she goes the extra mile and arranges these refreshing workshops as part of the garbhsanskar program. Looking forward to continuing with her post delivery as well, I feel so relaxed that she has my back. Thank you for making these months so smooth, ma'am

Dr Sudha Karbari

As a beginner , I was only focusing on getting some relief from stress , both physical and mental. I'm glad , I began with Dr Anusha as I monitored for all positions keenly, with clear instructions, something every beginner needs. Also, classes were timed correctly, the
interaction was clear and had enough room for correction after snapping from a pose.
Speaking of yoga , being a 1st timer, I got more than expected, my body feels back the child like fluidity already and we are just past midway! Mentally, yes, dopamine rush post yoga is real, keeping me active at work. I would love to continue inculcatingthis in my routine.
Thank you Anusha


Jasleen singh

Dr. Anusha is great trainer, compassionate and very patient teacher and is highly skilled in taking group classes. Body is strengthened, gain lot of energy by the end of the class and the mind feels calm, relaxed and focused. Thank you Dr Anusha for the classes and the knowledge you share with us.

Sweta Bajoria

I am practicing yoga from last 5 years. I am very flexible but I didn't had any strength until i started practicing with Anusha she gave me lot of confidence and she bring out the best in me. Now I can do planks, push-up, and lots of other poses which was difficult for me initially. Its been a year now am taking her classes and I lost 10 kg of my weight along with some diet plan in 6 months. I have become her fan and can't afford to miss her classes. She is the best



yoga is not just which bring you physical health, but overall peace and well being! I feel that's the core of practicing yoga, and Thanks that I met such a wonderful trainer who has same belief and in-depth knowledge of the poses. Blessed to meet you in this journey and will forever thankful for the lifetime experience and learnings that I have gained. Also along with yoga all the extra curricular activities( meditation, BhagwatGita mantras chanting, food chart, painting classes and what is not ).. just making you alive, positive and give you chance to celebrate life. Feeling truly relaxed, crisper and clearer version of myself, with a renewed sense of energy. Dr. Anu is a sincere, amazing and the one who really understands the body. I would recommended her wholeheartedly.


 I thank Anusha for reintroducing yoga in my life at a stage where I think was needed the most. She has not only been my teacher but also my go to person. And this little bub loves her classes so much that she makes sure to shown her presence in her every class. Thank you Anusha for being the best.



I have been doing prenatal yoga with Dr. Anu. Her sessions have been great and full of excitement and fun. She is very enthusiastic and explains every pose in detail. She corrects every pose while doing yoga. She introduced me to the world of yoga and her sessions are very relaxing for the mind and soul. If you are looking for an excellent yoga teacher and mentor, she is the go to person! I give her my full recommendation! 

Dr Atisha Patel

Prenatal Yoga with Dr Anusha has been fantastic. I feel mentally relaxed and physically energized. It has been great for my back ache as well. She is very patient and explains the postures precisely so that we can do them correctly without causing any injury or risking it either. Her personal attention helps one feel confident would highly recommend her to everyone.



Anusha is Excellent as a teacher. I think classes are very interactive and relaxing. I feel classes are really good especially during pregnancy as this is helping me to reduce my stress and feel really calm and bringing me happiness. I think my body flexibility increased from day one I started to till today also there is a mental peace to mind. I don't have any further suggestions as I am loving the way classes are designed so far. Thanks for bringing a really good change in me.

Varsha Singh

I have been practicing Prenatal Yoga with Anusha since I was almost in my 4th month. 1 started practicing Prenatal Yoga as I felt I needed to be physically active. I started thinking that I was going to attend classes 1 or 2 times per week and finally, I was enjoying so much and I discovered so many benefits that I have been attending classes 3 times per weeks. Prenatal Yoga gives me faith, self-confidence, courage, tranquility, patience, relaxation and peace. However the most important for me
is that I capture a lot of energy, positive sensations and learnings. For me it is an effective, challenging and novel experience every day. As my
body behaved like a Pandora box with a lot of complications but with Anusha’s guidance and help I am still continuing this pregnancy quite easily even though I have a preterm delivery risk. She is very supportive and considerate. She is been helping me in all the encourage all of you to practice Prenatal Yoga with Anusha, she is very inspiring and her classes are amazing, from physical, mental and emotional point of views.

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Ishita Puri

As someone who had recently started practicing Yoga in 2020,I was certain that I wanted to continue doing so even during my pregnancy. That's when I got introduced to Dr. Anusha's prenatal yoga classes.
After attending her classes for the past few months, I can confidently say that it has been an enriching experience both, physically and mentally. Apart from the physical yoga practice,Dr.Anusha spends time educating us about the entire pregnancy journey and how small actions, kriyas and breathing exercises can go a long way in maintaining good
health pre and post pregnancy.Lastly, the fact that you are practicing
with a Doctor instills a different leve of confidence and so,i would highly recommend I highly DrAnusha's prenatal yoga classes for all

Sneha Seshadri

I have been practicing prenatal yoga with Dr. Anusha for the last 2 months. When I contacted her for the classes she explained in detail what would be covered as part of her sessions and also shared very useful information. Once I started the classes I felt more flexible and relaxed. She gives attention to each and everyone and makes sure we get the postures right and explains in detail how the asana is beneficial. She also has a lot of activities planned which are very interesting and lively. She creates an environment where we can discuss our doubts and our thoughts. I always look forward to her sessions

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Aanchal Rathore

I have been practicing yoga off and on but in pregnancy I knew I needed an expert. Dr Anusha's pre natal yoga classes have been exceptional. Not only does she explain each posture in detail along with the benefits of doing it, but also ensures modifications of the same depending on your comfort level in pregnancy. After a long day at work, her classes in the evening make you feel relaxed and energized. Not to mention the garhasanskar activities included in the routine which I totally look forward to. I would recommend her to anyone looking to practice yoga safely in pregnancy. Thank you Anusha

Adwait Narendrakumar

I have been attending evening yoga classes of Dr. Anu for few months now. I could notice significant improvement in my posture, flexibility, metabolism, stamina and overall well being. She quickly identifies your issues/weak points and includes postures to overcome those weak points. Her emphasis on “doing less but doing perfect" has worked wonders as she notices and corrects minutely. Also I must mention various pranayama and meditation practices at the end of sessions are really calming and rejuvenating Highly recommended !!

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Though I had low lying placenta, I was able to attend the class with Anusha's guidance, I have felt a lot of changes in my mind and am able to communicate more with my baby after the classes. I have got knowledge about how to talk to my baby.
I will highly recommend Anusha anyone who is looking for prenatal classes.


As a teacher you are really the best. You trained me with lot of patience. I was really happy that the way made practice prenatal yoga. me I had no idea whether I can do such practices during my 9th month pregnancy, you made it, Thanks.

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Sahana MS

Till today I did not felt Anusha as my Yoga teacher. She teaches me like a friend. Which made comfortable. me Classes more are going well. I am enjoying. I feel positive and relax after every class. I also enjoy Sunday workshops very much. Thanks for your time and service.

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